3 Tips on how you can help reduce the recidivism rate during your everyday life

Be A Leader – Lead by a positive example and Don’t commit crime.

Be Empowering – Motivate and empower all the restored citizens who you know by encouraging them to do the right thing.

Be Resourceful – Connect any resources or opportunities to the restored citizens who you know would benefit from them.

On Friday, September 30, 2016, Mr. Terry Green presented the Think Make Live; Solutions to Injustice; Empower a more Just Society Social Justice Workshop at the Opportunity Youth United Civic Engagement Event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

During the workshop, the exercises and dialogue discussions was truly a great learning and growing experience for Mr. Green as much as it was for the participants who attended. All of the participants were fully engaged during the whole workshop and they gave great feedback on what changes need to be made regarding policy solutions for today’s opportunity youth to thrive in our current society. 
Mr. Green believes the voices of today’s young adults matters when it comes to policy solutions and policy change in our current society. Mr. Green is dedicated and fully committed to continue to amplify the voices of today’s young adults and the changes that need to be made in our policies.